Fruity Salad Dressings

Did you know that you can make salad dressings with some of your favourite fruits? Here’s a rundown of what you need in your salad dressing, as well as some fruit suggestions to help add fruity flair to your salad this summer.

Oil: You’ll need two parts oil to one part fruit juice. Choose a neutral oil such as olive oil or avocado oil.

Juice: Here, we often use lemon juice, but you can use orange, lime or grapefruit juice. You can also try blitzing up blueberries, blackberries or raspberries for a very focus, using passion fruit pulp or even pineapple juice.

Vinegar: To balance out the dressing, you can add vinegar to taste – try rice wine, apple cider or white wine vinegars.

Binder: Match the binder to your flavouring – you can use a wholegrain mustard or a Dijon mustard, and add a touch of honey or agave nectar to the dressing to bind the whole thing together.

Seasoning: Salt and pepper are traditional additives, but you can also add freshly chopped herbs such as mint or tarragon, spices such as chilli powder or cumin, or freshly minced garlic and ginger.

To prepare: Just add everything into a jar, screw the lid closed and shake it up until it emulsifies! Give it a taste, and then add more of the ingredients to taste.

 And, for a touch of difference, add some frozen pomegranate kernels!

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