Smoothie Recipes

A range of delicious & easy to make smoothies using Früt’s range of frozen fruit, syrups and purees.

Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Rich, creamy, and packed with nutrients: a smoothie bowl is like ice cream without the guilt! Top it off with any of our dry ingredients.

Cocktail Recipes

Blitz up some frozen fruit, syrup and/or juice for the quickest and most refreshing beverages (with or without the alcohol).

Baking Recipes

Frozen fruits retain their structural integrity much better than their fresh counterparts in baking, making them ideal for muffins, cakes, tarts, etc.

Salad dressings & vinaigrettes

There’s nothing quite like the contrasting combination of sweet and savory in a warm meal… We’ll show you how to get that perfect fruity balance.

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