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Cranberry Juice Concentrate

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Weight/Amount/Size : 350 g
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Cranberry Juice concentrate (Unsweetened)

An unsweetened concentrated juice.  100% Cranberry juice. No additives. NO sugar added

Good to utilize in sauces, marinades, salad dressing, desserts, tea, water, and much more.

Requires dilution              dilute: 40ml Sour Cherry juice concentrate with 220ml of liquid

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Cranberry Juice Concentrate (Unsweetened)

Our cranberry juice concentrate is made only from natural cranberry juice; it is packed with
antioxidant polyphenols, is free of preservatives, and is naturally low in sugar. Cranberries are highly
regarded for their antibacterial properties and their ability to inhibit the growth of certain bacterial
microbes. They also act as excellent sources of vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, and a
range of other beneficial minerals and antioxidants.

This concentrate can be used in sauces, cocktail mixes, cooking, smoothies, or as natural water
flavouring (for a tart taste).

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