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Frozen Red Beet

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Weight/Amount/Size : 1kg

The naturally sweet and earthy flavour of beets mean that people either love them or hate them, but regardless of where you fall on spectrum, there’s no denying the nutritional benefits of these vibrant veggies. Beets have been linked to a boost in stamina (so drink them before a workout!), warding off cancer, detoxification support, as well as increased blood flow to the brain and improvement f cognitive function (thanks to all the good nitrates).

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The benefits of this fruit are:

  1. High in Antioxidants
  2. Relieve Inflammation
  3. Promote Heart Health
  4. Aid in Detoxification
  5. Boost Brain Function
  6. Support Digestive Health
  7. Enhance Athletic Performance
  8. Increase Weight Loss

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